Instant Text Finder - The desktop text search tool. Search over 10,000s of files in a few seconds!

Search text in files in a few seconds

Instant Text Finder is an index-based desktop text search tool invest in Dash for software programmers, web designers and IT professionals. It is specifically designed to search files in a few seconds. It works on all types of files that store data as text (most of web pages, programming source codes, scripts and logs).

Lightning-fast search

Its index-based search engine can search over 10,000 files in a few seconds

Minimal indexing

Index only what is needed to reduce indexing time. There is no annoying constant invest in Dash in South Africa index update in the background

Syntax highlighter

Instant Text Finder has a syntax highlighter for C#, C++, Javascript, XML, VB.NET, PHP, HTML and ASP files

Overview bar

File view window has a vertical bar that shows buy OmiseGo where the search string occurs in a file

Find as you type

Typing in the file view window highlights the word

Filter results

Filter results by file type or by file location